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12 Videos Of Pawesome Two-legged Cats & Kittens To Inspire You!

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to help get your through the day, then you have to check out these amazing and adorable two-legged cats! While some of these two-legged cats were born without half of their limbs, others had to have two of their legs amputated after an illness or injury. However, even though these cats and kittens don’t have as many limbs as their more able-bodied friends, they are still capable of living happy and full lives filled with adventure and fun!

Not only can these two-legged kitties play, groom themselves, and use the litter box with ease, they are also able to run, climb, jump, and even go up and down stairs! These wonderful cats are truly remarkable, and their ability to overcome adversity is inspiring, as are the caring people who opened their homes and their hearts to these special felines.


Who needs four legs? Not the unstoppable Roux! ???

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Amoreca. ? #instacat #gato #cat #purrfect #twoleggedcat #lovecats #blackcats

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My 2 legged beauty.

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