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30+ Beautiful Black Cats & Kittens Who Are Sure To Bring You Good Luck!

If you’re thinking of a adopting a new feline friend, definitely consider choosing a black cat as your next kitty companion! Black cats come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and scientists believe they are more resistant to diseases than other felines.

Black kitties are also thought to be friendlier and more laid-back than other cats, making them perfect for people who want an easy-going and social feline! If you’re a fan of these ebony beauties, then definitely check out The Black Cat Crew, an Instagram account dedicated to black cats.


Hey everypawdy. I’m Samantha Jo Scrumptious and I’m reporting live from the table on dis hotz Monday. Roxy can say #fluffoffmonday wiff her epic RBF but I iz going to give Monday meow cute face and kissy pouty lips to sees if I can sweet talks him into going away. Iz it working? In this mornings Mews, we hadz our breakfast and treats and Fritz Patrick Fantastic had some lettuce too. He’s currently baking a “dis heat iz hissing meow off servant bish, I iz going to needs you to call out sick so you can fan meow and feed meow treats all day” loaf on da tree. King Moo Tut iz dreaming about his beautiful lady love Fluffy. Hey Grandpa McSnortsLikeAPig, could you at least go blow your nose if you’re going to snore all day. Da snorts iz just too much. Michael J. Meow iz scratching da pantry door for more treats. Hey Chunky McMy600PoundLife, iz you trying to get on dat show so you can haz a famous. You do realize you iz purrfect for my cat from hell. For reals. Jerk face cathole. Oreo Nabisco Yum iz sleeping on da tree. Holy hairballs it’s so quiet without Justin McMakesMeowEarsBleedBieber singing da songs of our people. Calli Coco Expialidocious iz chugging water in da sink after bish slapping da stank off Captain Corn Chip feets. Way to be an epic cathole Bishey McLifeLongPMS. Sarah VAL Serendipitous iz playing wiff springy and da door stoppers. Hey Kitten McDoooiiinngDoooiiinngDoooiingg, could you find some quiet activities purrease. Roxy Ann Rambunctious iz sleeping on da back of da couch. Hey CleoCatra, iz you stuck. You hasn’t moved in hours. Georgia and Jacque iz waiting for a turn in da sink. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Instagram. Stay tuned to Team Mookeet Mews for an evening report. Have a great day everypawdy. We love you all to the moon and back. #samanthajoscrumptious #blackcat #teammookeet #teamfancykitty #buzzfeedanimals #showmeyourkittiez #catsofinstagram #COIcommunity #cats_daily_feature #my_may_pet #hussycats #thememeowdel #magnificent_meowdels #fluffycatcrew #cute4kind #adoptdontshop #stopdeclawing #pawproject #pawsneedclaws #cats_of_instagram #meowvswoof #thedodo #postyourpet #pawprojectspokescat #badtagsmodelsearch #greeneyes

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Happy Tongue Out Tuesday, everypawdy! ??? #loki #masterofmischief #tongueouttuesday #tot

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It’s so cold!

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“It was a good day.” -CDog?#catwithacattitude #ifeellikeoshea

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Good morning! ? #leagueofextraordinaryblackcats #black_cat_crew #blackcatsrule #blackcatsofinstagram

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