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Are You Obsessed With Your Cat?

Take Our Quiz To Find Out!

Have you ever wondered if you love your cat just a little too much? Our quiz is here to help you find out if you’re obsessed with your feline friend, or if you’re bond with them is just right!

When you get home from a trip, what's the first thing you do?

tabby cat in a suitcase

Does your cat have a middle name?

Does your cat have their own social media account?

Have you ever hired someone to create a custom portrait of your cat?

Do you have a webcam to keep an eye on your cat when you're not at home?

Do you celebrate your cat's birthday?

Choose a cat tree for your cat.

Choose your favorite cat quote.

Where does your cat sleep?

Are You Obsessed With Your Cat

You're definitely obsessed with your cat, but they're probably a bit obsessed with you too! You and your kitty share a very special bond, but make sure to give your feline friend space when they need it. After all, a little distance only makes the heart grow fonder!

No, you're definitely not obsessed with your cat! In fact, we're not even sure if you actually have one.
A little

No, you're not obsessed with your cat, but you definitely could be!

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