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Is Your Cat A Cheater? Take This Quiz To Find Out If Your Kitty Is Being Unfaithful!

Has your kitty been coming through the cat flap and heading straight to the shower? Have you noticed another woman’s lipstick on their collar? Do they no longer want to cuddle with you like they use to? Does it seem as though they’re not interested in hearing about your day?

If so, then your cat might be cheating on you with a neighbor, a work colleague, or even your best friend! Take this simple quiz to find out if your kitty has been stepping out with someone else or if they’re still hopelessly devoted to you!

Has your cat recently started bringing you gifts -- like their favorite toys -- for seemingly no reason?

Recently, has your cat disappeared for hours and sometimes even days?

Does your cat no longer want to cuddle like they used to?

Have you noticed an increase in their physical activity?

Have you noticed that they've started grooming themselves more than usual?

Has your cat become really secretive about their phone?

Is your cat spending more time at the office instead of hanging out at night with you?

Has your cat recently taken up a new hobby that dominates a lot of their time?

Has your cat started drinking more or using drugs?

Is Your Cat A Cheetah? Find Out If Your Kitty Is Being Unfaithful

Your cat definitely has someone on the side. You should see a couple's counselor right away if you want to salvage the relationship. Alternatively, you can contact a good attorney who can tell you about your options.

It's possible your cat is cheating on you. Communication is key, so have a long chat with your kitty to find out if they're satisfied with your relationship. They might just be feeling bored or neglected, and you don't want them to pack their bags if you can save your relationship.
Definitely not!

Your cat only has eyes for you, but make sure you show them how much you love them. You wouldn't want them getting treats and cuddles from some stranger who might try to lure them away from you. Cats are pretty fickle.

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