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Meet Timmy, The Sweet And Playful Wobbly Kitten Who Is Searching For His Forever Home!

When Kris Kaiser saw a post in a local Facebook group about Timmy, a kitten who could move his legs but was unable to walk, she was immediately curious to see the two-month-old tabby in action. “I asked for a video to confirm my suspicions that he had a neurological disorder,” explains Kris, who has lots of experience of caring for special needs cats.

Not only does Kris have three cats with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) — a non-progressive neurological condition that affects balance and coordination — she has fostered multiple CH cats for rescues near her home in Plymouth, Minnesota. “I have a soft spot for wobbly cats ever since I met my trio, the Tippy Tuxies,” says Kris.

wobbly rescue tabby kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia
Rosie, Calvin, and Daisy/Image via @tippytuxies on Instagram

After seeing the video of the wobbly kitten, Kris reached out to Kitty Revolution, a non-profit organization in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and offered to foster Timmy if they would rescue him. “Whirlwind Natalie had just gotten adopted so I knew I had the time and space for a new kitten to join my care,” says Kris.

Natalie/Image via @tippytuxies on Instagram

Thankfully, Kitty Revolution was also eager to help the special needs kitten, so Kris began fostering Timmy on February 20, 2022, the same day she saw the post on social media. While Timmy was unable to walk, he was still incredibly active, prompting Kris to modify his moniker. “He came with the name Timmy but after I saw how playful he was and how animated all of his movements are, I added High Jinx,” explains Kris, “and Timmy High Jinx certainly suits him!”

Cerebellar hypoplasia — which occurs in utero, often when a pregnant cat is exposed to a virus — causes kittens to be born with underdeveloped cerebellums, the area of the brain responsible for balance and coordination. Consequently, affected cats usually have wobbly gaits, intention tremors, and wide-legged stances, and the degree of their symptoms can range from mild to severe.

Image via @timmyhighjinx on Instagram

“I have fostered several CH cats and have the perfect setup for moderate/severe CH kittens,” says Kris, “and the experience working with them and training adopters on creating a safe home environment as well.”

With his foster mom’s help, Timmy — who has moderate to severe cerebellar hypoplasia — thrived, and two months after he was rescued, this energetic boy is doing extremely well. However, he’s still unable to walk, but that doesn’t prevent Timmy from having an incredibly active life. “He flips, flops, and launches to get around,” says Kris. “He has a fair amount of body control so with time, plenty of play therapy to build muscles, Timmy will learn to compensate for his condition and it’s likely he will learn to walk.”

Fortunately, even if he never gets the hang of walking, Timmy is so mobile, he should be able to get around no matter what. Plus, he has no trouble using the litter box or eating on his own, so Timmy — who is currently looking for his forever home — shouldn’t require a lot of special care or accommodations.

Image via @timmyhighjinx on Instagram

“He needs an adopter willing to make a few special accommodations like a modified litter box, stairs and ramps, to make it easier for him to get around,” explains Kris.

Ideally, Timmy’s forever home would also have plenty of carpets and rugs to help give him traction to get around, as well as soft places to land when he inevitably falls. Plus, it would be great for this active young cat to have another kitten to wrestle and play with, as well as lots of toys. “He thinks life’s a party, and is happy to play with just about any toy,” says Kris. “Timmy also enjoys getting lots of attention, pets and snuggles from his humans.”

While it’s obvious Timmy is an incredibly content cat, Kris occasionally gets comments on social media from people who pity him just because he doesn’t move like the average feline. However, she believes it’s important to remember cerebellar hypoplasia is a congenital condition, and one that Timmy has lived with since birth.

Image via @timmyhighjinx on Instagram

“While I wish Timmy could get around normally, he does not know any difference and he is definitely not sad or pathetic,” explains Kris. “He is an extremely happy and playful youngster who just wants to party with his favorite toys and receive lots of cuddles.”

By sharing Timmy’s story, Kris hopes not only to help him find a forever home, but also to raise awareness about special needs cats in general. While they might require a bit of extra work, Kris — who has cared for multiple special needs cats over the years — thinks they are definitely worth the extra effort. “The bond is so special and the cats have so much love to give in return,” says Kris. “Fostering and adopting special needs cats is extra rewarding!”

For Kris, Timmy has been a constant source of entertainment over the past two months, and she finds it pretty much impossible not to laugh when he’s around. While there’s no doubt she’ll miss him when he finds his forever home, Kris knows the perfect family is out there waiting for him to fill their lives with joy. “He’s always up to some kind of funny antic and he has one of the loudest purrs I’ve ever heard,” says Kris. “He’s the perfect mix of sweet and playful.”

Image via @timmyhighjinx on Instagram

To learn more about this adorable kitten, you can follow Timmy on Instagram.

If you’re interested in adopting Timmy, you can complete an application.

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