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Smart Automatic Pet Feeders Your Cat Will Love!

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If you want to be able to feed your cat portioned meals when you’re away from home, then you have to see these smart automatic pet feeders! These smart feeders will automatically dispense your cat’s food at scheduled times, and some of them even give you the ability to remotely feed your cat unscheduled meals using an app. Plus, these automatic feeders come with useful features, including HD cameras, support for recording audio messages to be played at mealtimes, infrared monitoring, dual power supplies, and more.

WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder with Camera, 7L App Control Smart Feeder Cat Dog Food Dispenser, 6-Meal Auto Pet Feeder with Timer Programmable, HD Camera for Voice and Video Recording

Smart Automatic Pet Feeders

This smart automatic pet feeder holds the equivalent of 29 cups of food, it allows you to program it to dispense up to six meals a day, it gives you the ability to record custom messages that will be played at feeding times, and it has an HD camera that enables you to see and speak to your cat via an app.

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PETKIT Automatic Cat Puppy Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl, App Control, 10 Portions, 10 Meal Plans per Day, Low Food LED Indicator Pet Smart Feeder for Small Animals, Auto Pet Food Dispenser

This smart feeder lets you automatically dispense up to 10 meals a day with one to 10 portions at each meal, it has a lock system to keep your cat’s food fresh, it comes with an app you can use to remotely give your kitty snacks and program meals, and it has an optional battery backup.

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DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Dog/Cat Smart Camera Feeder – 6.5Lbs Large Capacity App Control Food Dispenser with, Portion Control, Voice Recording, Camera, Timer Programmable (Dark Blue – Update Version)

This dark blue automatic pet feeder comes with small and large food dispensing trays, it has an HD camera that lets you keep an eye on your cat using its Android and iOS apps, and it features a one year warranty.

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PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, 5G WiFi Cat Feeder with APP Control for Pet Dry Food, Stainless Steel Bowl, Low Food& Blockage Sensor, 1-10 Meals Per Day, Up to 10s Meal Call for Cat and Dog

This smart feeder comes with an app that you and other family members can use to control it remotely, it allows you to record a 10 second message that will be played at each feeding, it will send notifications to your phone if the battery is low, the food tank is empty, or its jammed, and it has a unique design that will help your cat’s food fresh.

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WOPET 6L Automatic Cat Feeder, Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs, Auto Dog Food Dispenser with Portion Control, Distribution Alarms and Voice Recorder Up to 15 Meals per Day (White)

This smart feeder allows you to automatically feed your cat up to 15 meals a day, you can plug it into the wall or use batteries, it lets you record a custom message for your cat, and it features a free iOS/Android app you can use to schedule meals remotely.

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Automatic Cat Feeder, Smart Pet Food Dispenser with APP Control, WiFi Enabled Automatic Feeder for Dogs, Cats & Small Pets, Double Stainless Steel Bowls, 6 Meals Portion Control and Voice Recording

This automatic cat feeder has a four liter capacity, it lets you schedule up to six meals a day, it has a detachable 2-way splitter that allows you to feed two cats at a time, and it comes with an app you can use to create a feeding plan via your smartphone.

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Faroro Automatic Cat Feeder 2.4G WiFi Enabled 6L Smart Food Dispenser for Cats and Small Dogs with App Control, Programmable Timer, Distribution Alarms and Voice Recorder Up to 15 Meals per Day

This smart feeder comes with a voice recorder for creating a customized message that will be played when food is dispensed, and it includes infrared monitoring, a programmable timer, a six liter capacity, dual power supply, and an app that allows you to manually control feedings via your smartphone.

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SEKOYA Automatic WiFi 6L Smart Pet Feeder / 1080p Camera for Cats & Dogs / Auto + Manual Food Dispenser / iOS Android Compatible / 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Enabled / Scheduled Feeding / Video Recording

This automatic pet feeder comes with a high resolution camera you can use to record your cat or watch them in real time, it features a built-in speaker and microphone so you can talk to and hear your kitty, it’s made from food grade ABS material, it has a low food sensor and battery backup, and it includes an Android/iOS app.

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Home Zone Pet Automatic Feeder – Smart Wireless Pet Feeder for Small Dogs and Cats, 6L

This smart pet food feeder has a minimal design, it comes with an app you can use to dispense treats and schedule meals, and it features a large six liter capacity.

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Peteme Automatic Cat Feeder, Smart Pet Feeder with APP Control, Food Dispenser for Cats, Dogs & Small Pets , 2.4G Wi-Fi Enabled, Portion Control, 4L

This automatic cat food feeder can be controlled via an app, it has support for 2.4GHz WiFi networks, it features a dual power supply, it’s easy to disassemble for cleaning, and it can hold up to 4L of dry food.

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Dogness Mini App Automated Pet Feeder

This automated feeder comes in white, pink, and green styles, it has a double lock system to keep your cat’s food fresh, it features anti-jamming technology, it can hold up to two liters of dry food, and it comes with a smartphone app.

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Pet Genius Smart Wi-fi Video Pet Feeder with Camera – 7L

This smart feeder has a large capacity hopper with a seven liter capacity, it includes two-way audio, it comes with intelligent motion detection, and it allows you to watch your cat in real-time — day or night — via an app.

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Arf Pets Smart Automatic Pet Feeder with Wi-Fi, HD Camera with Voice and Video Recording, Programmable Food Dispenser for Dogs & Cats with Easy App-Controlled, 20-Cup Capacity, for iPhone & Android

This automatic pet feeder has a dishwasher safe tray and food bucket, it holds up to 29 cups of dry food, it features an integrated camera, a lockable lid, and two-way audio, and it comes with an app you can use to control this smart feeder via your phone.

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Instachew Purechew Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera

This smart feeder has a four liter capacity, it feature an HD camera with video recording, night vision, two way audio, and motion detection, and it comes with an app you can use to control the feeder from anywhere in the world.

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PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder – Blue

This dark blue pet food dispenser comes with an iOS and Android app you can use to control the feeder remotely, but it’s also Alexa enabled, so you can ask your Amazon Echo to feed your cat a treat. Plus, this feeder can detect when the food is running low and automatically order more using Amazon Dash Replenishment.

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CATLINK Automatic Cat Feeder, 3.5L WiFi Smart Cat Dispenser with Ceramic Bowl for Dry Food/Freeze-Dried, Timed Cat Feeder, Portion Control, App Control with Health Report for One Cat

This automatic pet feeder comes in white and green styles, it holds up to 3.5 liters of food, it includes an app with support for multiple accounts, so you and other members of your household can schedule meals, and the bowl is made from lead-free, dishwasher safe ceramic.

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boqii Pet Feeder, 4L Automatic Cat Feeder with APP Control, 30s Voice Recorder, 2.4G Wi-Fi Enabled,Food Grade Stainless Steel Bowl, Pet Lock Safe Reliable,Dual Power Automatic Cat Feeder

This smart cat feeder is 2.4 Wi-Fi enabled, it has a food grade stainless steel bowl, it comes with an app with three feeding modes for you to choose from, and it has nightlight and a voice recorder with support for messages that are up to 30 seconds.

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