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Which Deaf Cat Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out Right Now!

While some felines are born deaf — a congenital condition that is seen almost exclusively in pure white cats — others lose their hearing due to illness, infection, or trauma. While deaf cats may not be able to hear, it doesn’t stop them from living full and happy lives, just like their hearing counterparts. If you want to know which deaf cat is most like you, just answer a few simple questions to discover if you have the most in common with Gracie, Eddie, Hank, Elsa, Casper, Ronja, or Pillow!

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Which Deaf Cat Are You?

You're Gracie from @specialgraciecat! Like Gracie, you're very smart and determined, and you don't let obstacles or challenges stop you from achieving your goals. You like animals, especially dogs, and you love spending time outdoors. You also love to shop, and you really enjoy getting dressed up and going out on the town with your friends. You are super special, and you attract people to you with your unique, adventurous, and fun-loving personality.

You're Eddie from @eddie_the_lilac_lion! Like Eddie, you're compassionate and kind, and many people have said you have an old soul and are wise beyond your years. You believe in spreading peace and love to everyone you meet, and you inspire people with your uplifting words. You have triumphed over adversity, so you are able to provide others with hope that they will be able to overcome their own problems. You are a sweet and loving person, and people are drawn to you by your warmth and sense of inner peace.

You're Ronja from @deaf_darlings! Like Ronja, you have an adventurous spirit, and you are always up for trying new things, meeting new people, and visiting new places. You love the outdoors, and you always surprise people with your knowledge about nature, particularly plants. While you love to explore, you're very loyal to the people you care about, and they know they can always count on you to come running when they need a hand or a shoulder to cry on. You exude happiness, and people are attracted to your spontaneity, kindness, and fun-loving spirit.

You're Hank from @hank_the-deaf_and_blind_cat! You're incredibly good-looking, so people sometimes underestimate your intelligence. However, you have both beauty and brains, and you constantly surprise people with your vast knowledge on a range of different subjects. You also believe in keeping your body healthy, so you work out regularly to keep fit. You appear to have it all together, so not many people know you are extremely sensitive and caring. You have had some difficult times in your life, so it takes you a while to let your guard down. However, once you feel comfortable with someone, you are extremely sweet, loving, affectionate, and kind.

You're Casper from adventures_with_casper! Like Casper, you're happiest when you're outdoors, and you love breathing fresh air and feeling the sun on your skin. Traveling is your biggest passion in life, and you spend most of your time and money planning fun trips to new and interesting places. You value experiences and knowledge much more than material things, so you like to live as simply as possible. You are a great friend, and you will happily open your home to anyone in need. You are a peaceful, good-natured, and easy-going person, and people are attracted to your fascinating stories and calm personality.

You're Pillow from @pillowthedeafcat! Like Pillow, you're extremely laid-back and easy-going, and there's very little that you let worry you or get you down. Some people might mistake your passive attitude for laziness, but you just know you don't want to waste your energy on negativity. You like the outdoors, but you're happiest when you're at home. You've extremely loving and affectionate, and you're most content when you're cuddled up on the couch with your significant other.

You're Elsa from the_oneeyed_snowqueen! Like Elsa, you're a great listener, and you're always happy to help a friend when they're having a problem. You've had your fair share of troubles, so you use your own experiences to give people advice on how to tackle their issues. You are a unique beauty, and you often catch people staring at you in awe. Some people are intimidated by your confidence and your good looks, and they might view you as unapproachable and even cold. However, you are actually extremely warm and kind, which means you might have to make the first move when you're interested in getting to know someone better.

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