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Which Senior Cat Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out Right Now!

While kittens are cute, there’s something special about senior cats who have lived long lives and still have tons of love and happiness to share. If you’re a fan of grandma and grandpa kitties, then just answer a few simple to questions to find out if you’re most like Truffle, Thomas, Ichabod, Sid, Maximus, Napoleon, Mama Littles, Tarzan, Boris, or Teddy!

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Which Senior Cat Are You?

You're Maximus, a handsome tabby and white senior cat! Like Maximus, you're very sweet and loving, and you're happiest when you're at home surrounded by the people you care about. You like to look good, and you enjoy trying out different styles. You're very relaxed and easy-going, which some people might mistake for laziness. You're known for being kind and affectionate, and it takes a lot for you to get angry or upset.

You're Napoleon, a handsome ginger senior cat! Like Napoleon, you're extremely friendly and out-going, and you absolutely love a good party. You're a total foodie, so you enjoy trying new restaurants and hosting dinner parties at your home. You don't like to work out, so you sometimes struggle to stay active. You are extremely fun and kind, and you're known to brighten any room you swagger into.

You're Truffle, a beautiful calico senior cat! Like Truffle, you are very sweet and loving, but you also have a sassy side. Generally, you're extremely happy and fun to be around, but you can be a little difficult if you don't get your way. However, you usually what you want simply by using your charm, beauty, and intelligence. You get a lot of pleasure from the simple things in life, like good food, great weather, and close friends.

You're Thomas, an adorable ginger senior cat! Like Thomas, you love people, and you're happiest when you're at a party or out on the town with friends. You're extremely silly, and you can make practically anyone laugh with your antics. However, you have a serious side, and people know they can come to you when they have a problem or need advice. You have a quirky sense of style, and you keep everyone guessing about what you'll wear next.

You're Ichabod, a Siamese senior cat! Like Ichabod, you're incredibly attractive, and you draw people to you with your striking good looks. While you're elegant and refined, you also love nature, and you're happiest when you're outdoors enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. You've had some struggles, but you've gotten through your challenges by keeping a positive attitude. You have a small circle of friends, but you're extremely loyal, kind, and affectionate to the people who are closest to you.
Mama Littles

You're Mama Littles, a tuxedo senior cat! Like Mama Littles, you're a ton of fun, and people love you because of your sunny disposition. While you're very sweet and kind, you're definitely not a pushover, and you will assert yourself when you think someone is trying to take advantage of you. You enjoy traveling and meeting new people, and you're known for telling lots of fascinating stories. You like to be the center of attention, but that's she because you want everyone to like you.

You're Tarzan, a beautiful tabby senior cat! Like Tarzan, you're cuddly and cute, and you're known for your laid-back attitude. You're very easy-going, and some people might think you're lazy, but you don't really care about the opinions of others. You like spending time outdoors, although you're happiest when you're curled up on the couch watching a movie or reading a book. You absolutely love to cook, and people are always asking you to share your recipes with them. You can be a bit naughty, but that's just because you like push the boundaries every once in a while.

You're Boris, a cute ginger senior cat! Like Boris, you like to have a good time, but sometimes you party a little too hard and it impacts other aspects of your life. While you sometimes struggle to balance your personal and professional life, you're well-liked both at work and home. You're fun and affectionate, and you make a point of letting your significant other know exactly how much you care about them. You are a total foodie, so you're always cooking up delicious dishes for you and your friends to try, and you love spending time outdoors in the sunshine.

You're Sid, a stunning black senior cat! Like Sid, you're sophisticated, and you're known for your classic and elegant sense of style. Even though you always look perfectly put together, you can be a little goofy and you often surprise people with your offbeat humor. You like to treat yourself to life's luxuries, whether it's expensive sheets for your bed or a an indulgent gourmet meal. You are curious, cuddly, sweet, and you definitely believe in true love.

You're Teddy, an adorable Persian senior cat! Like Teddy, you're a unique beauty, and you captivate those around with your stunning features. People think you're kind of high maintenance because of your appearance, but you're actually extremely down to earth. You love nature, and you're happiest when you're exploring the great outdoors. You're kind of a picky eater, but that's just because you get sick of eating the same food all of the time. You're a great friend, and people love being around you because you have a youthful and vibrant spirit.

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