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Which Two-legged Cat Is Most Like You? Take This Quiz To Find Out Right Now!

If you think two-legged cats are incredible and inspiring because of how they constantly manage to overcome challenges in order to live full, happy, and fun lives, then you have to take this quiz to find out which of these amazing kitties is most like you! Just answer a few simple questions to see if you have the most in common with Roux, Twix, Rocket, Mercury, or Anakin!

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Which Dessert Do You Want To Eat?

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Pick Your Favorite Quote From Dr. Seuss!

Which Two-legged Cat Are You?

You're Twix, a stunning black cat from @theamazingtwix! Like Twix, you're a natural leader, and you like to be in charge. You're very sweet and snuggly, but you definitely have a sassy side, especially when you don't get your way. You love nature, and you're happiest when your outside in the sunshine. You are super stylish, and you like simple yet sophisticated clothing and accessories. You are very determined and ambitious, and you don't let anything stop you from reaching your goals!

You're Roux, an adorable tabby and white cat from @lilbunnysueroux! Like Roux, you are very strong and athletic, and you love staying active and fit. You're also very confident and fearless, so you like trying extreme sports. Some people might be intimidated by your physical prowess, but you're actually very sweet, funny, and down-to-earth. Your fun-loving personality and determined spirit make you a constant source of inspiration to those around you, and people who are lucky enough to know you consider themselves incredibly fortunate!

You're Anakin, a fluffy tabby and white cat from @anakintwolegs! Like Anakin, you're sweet, loving, and full of life, and you are always looking for new and interesting things to do. You absolutely love art, music, and movies, and people are constantly impressed by your knowledge about artists and their works. You are extremely good-looking, which can intimidate some people. However, you're really easy to get a long with, and you do your best to find some way to connect with everyone you meet. You're very creative, which can sometimes make it difficult for you to concentrate on one project at a time, but you usually finish everything you start, often with spectacular results!

You're Mercury, an incredibly handsome tabby cat from @raisingmercury! Like Mercury, you've had a lot of challenges, but you've managed to overcome pretty much every obstacle you've encountered. While you're generally very loving, sweet, and fun, you can get grumpy every once in a while, but your bad moods never last very long. When you're feeling stressed, you love to explore the great outdoors, and your happiest when you're hiking through the mountains or taking a long walk along the beach. You love to have a good time, and most people consider you a fun and loyal friend who they can count on in good times and bad!

You're Rocket, an extremely cute tabby and white cat from @flint.guerkchen.rocket! Like Rocket, you are a constant source of fun, and when you're not asleep, you're always on the go. In fact, people are often amazed by your seemingly boundless energy, and they often wonder how you manage to fit so much into a single day. You're very sweet and cuddly, and you find it easy to get along with pretty everyone you meet. You're very strong and agile, and you love doing yoga, going for bike rides, and playing team sports with your friends. Your infectious smile brightens up every room you enter, making you a magnetic person most people are attracted to!

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