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Cat Alarm Clocks For People Who Love Kitties!

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If you need some help waking up in the morning, then you have to check out these fun and functional feline alarm clocks! These alarm clocks have cute and cool designs inspired by cats, making them perfect for people who love kitties.

Children Cute Animal Dog/Cat Alarm Clock Silent Non Ticking Silicone Clock Night Light Travel Clock

Cat Alarm Clocks

This compact alarm clock looks like an adorable cat, it comes in pink, blue, and yellow styles, it’s made from durable silicone, it has a backlit option, and it’s silent.

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Kids Alarm Clock with Night Light, Cute Cat Digital Alarm Clock for Kids, 12/24H Digital Calendar Alarm Clock and Rechargeable Sleep Trainer Clock

This energy-saving alarm clock looks like a cute cat, it features cold and warm light options, and it has a long battery life.

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Cat Alarm Clock for Kids, Toddler Children’s Sleep Training Clock, 8 Night Light & Wake Up Light

This alarm clock is perfect for helping kids with sleep training, it looks like a cat, it has a touch sensitive nightlight with four colors for you to choose from, it features a sound machine function with multiple songs and nature sounds, and more.

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JINSERTA Cat Alarm Clock for Girls, Cartoon Alarm for Kids and Teen Loud Bell and Button Night Light for Heavy Sleepers

This alarm block looks like a cat, it comes in blue, pink, white, and yellow styles, it has a loud alarm, making it great for heavy sleepers, and it’s battery operated.

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GIRLSIGHT Blue Alarm Clock, Retro Portable Twin Bell Beside Alarm Clocks with Nightlight-120.Cat, Tabby

This alarm clock has a retro design, it features a cute tabby kitten, and it has a non-ticking mechanism.

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BESPORTBLE Desk Clock Bells Lucky Cat Student Kids Alarm Clock Without Battery Tabletop Desktop for Home Office Room (White)

This alarm clock looks like a lucky cat, and it’s battery operated.

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Ceuku Kids Alarm Clock 3.11″ Cute Round Metal Cat Alarm Clock with Warm Night Light Non Ticking

This non-ticking black alarm clock looks like a cute cat, it’s battery operated, and it has a nightlight function.

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Digital Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Cat Ears Speaker, Built-in 1000mAh Battery Operated, Dual Alarm, USB Charging Port

This pink alarm clock looks like a beautiful cat, it’s compatible with Bluetooth devices, it has a radio, and it supports USB sound cards.

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HOWJOY Kids Alarm Clock for Boys and Girls, 3-Inches Round Wooden Alarm Clock, Silent Non Ticking, Backlight

This white alarm clock features a cute illustration of white, black, and orange cats, it’s battery operated, it has a backlight, and it’s made using solid wood and non-toxic paint.

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Cute Cat Alarm Clock for Kids,Toddler Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Kawaii Room Decor

This alarm clock looks like a cute cat peering over a cup, it comes in pink, white, and yellow styles, it has an adjustable LED light, it has a snooze function, it’s light sensitive, and more.

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Kids Alarm Clock for Kids, Toddlers Alarm Clock Sleep Training Clock with Night Light, Nap Timer, Snooze, Temperature

This alarm clock looks like a cat, it comes in pink and blue styles, it has a sound machine, a nap feature, and a child lock, and it’s made from ABS and silicone.

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Cute Animal Alarm Clock for Kids Room with LED Display, Night Light with 4 Levels Brightness Touch Control | 6 Sounds Effects, Eco Friendly, Temperature Sensor (Kitty Cat)

This alarm clock looks like a blue cat with a bow on their head, it’s lightweight, it has a USB charger with a built-in Lithium-ion battery, and it features four levels of LED lighting.

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iHome Hello Kitty Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock Radio Speaker (Si-B62.FX)

This Hello Kitty alarm clock is battery operated, it offers Bluetooth support, and it has a built-in radio.

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Children’s Alarm Clock Vintage Retro Silent

This alarm clock features a retro black cat, it comes in pink, white, and blue styles, it has a nightlight function, and it’s completely silent.

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Hello Kitty Alarm Clock JF375A

This alarm clock looks like Hello Kitty holding a pink heart, and it comes with two AA batteries.

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