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Meet The Beautiful Blind Cat Who Survived On The Streets Without Being Able To See!

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After losing her beloved cat Boris to cancer, Linda was on social media when Carmel, a beautiful one-eyed ginger tabby, caught her attention. “Carmel’s picture popped up out of the blue when I was scrolling Facebook,” remembers Linda.

blind one eyed ginger rescue cat
Image via @cairo_carmel_blind_street_cat on Instagram

Eager to learn more about the adorable one-eyed cat, Linda discovered Carmel had lost her vision while she was struggling to survive on the streets of Egypt’s capital city. “Living on the streets in Cairo is tough for cats,” says Linda. “She caught a virus that took her sight.”

Image via @cairo_carmel_blind_street_cat on Instagram

Fortunately, Carmel was rescued and taken to Zee Animal Shelter, an organization dedicated to helping homeless animals in Cairo. While she ultimately lost her vision and one of her eyes, by July 2019, she was healthy and ready to find her forever home!

Image via @cairo_carmel_blind_street_cat on Instagram

“I loved the book Homer’s Odyssey about a blind cat and knew cats coped with loss of sight very well,” says Linda, so she thought Carmel would adjust well to life with her and her husband John in Norwich, England. “Adopting a blind cat that would struggle to find a home seemed a good thing to do after losing our cat Boris to cancer.”

Linda and John’s cat Boris/Image via @cairo_carmel_blind_street_cat on Instagram

Thankfully, the couple’s adoption application was approved, and on July 26, 2019, the cute one-eyed cat boarded a flight to England.

Image via @cairo_carmel_blind_street_cat on Instagram

After traveling more than 2,000 miles, Carmel arrived at John and Linda’s house, and — while it took a little while — she eventually made herself right at home. “She kept bumping into things to start with,” remembers Linda, “but blind cats ‘map out’ their surroundings and soon know where everything is.”

Despite being blind, Carmel had no trouble getting to high places, but her parents quickly discovered she needed some help getting back down. “She would cry if she climbed up something and wasn’t sure how to get down,” explains Linda, “but by me tapping the floor she knew she was safe to jump.”

More than two years later, Carmel is able to easily navigate her home, although she still occasionally bumps into things. “She walks into things if they get moved or we forgot to put things away,” says Linda, “but it doesn’t bother her.”

Image via @cairo_carmel_blind_street_cat on Instagram

This easy-going girl still enjoys climbing to high places, but now she rarely has any difficulty making her way back down. “We have a ceiling high scratching tower and she loves it!” says Linda. “Being blind doesn’t stop Carmel from doing much!”

Carmel also likes playing with toys that make noise, including paper bags and her crinkle tunnel, but her absolute favorite is Ratty, a stuffed rat that originally belonged to Boris.

“Blind cats are amazing,” says Linda, “and everyone who meets her can’t believe that she just walks, runs, jumps, and climbs about like a ‘normal cat.’ “

People are also surprised to discover that Carmel has no trouble using the litter box, which is one of the most common misconceptions Linda has discovered people have about blind cats. “People always ask how she managed to find her litter tray,” explains Linda. “I showed her where it was when she arrived and she’s never missed, not once!”

Image via @cairo_carmel_blind_street_cat on Instagram

By sharing Carmel’s story, Linda hopes more people will consider adopting blind felines like this gorgeous girl. After all, not only is Carmel a lot easier to care for than people often assume, she’s a wonderful companion who means the world to her mom. “She’s the sweetest little cat, very affectionate and full of fun,” says Linda, adding, “A real character!

Image via @cairo_carmel_blind_street_cat on Instagram

To learn more about this beautiful cat, you can follow Carmel on Instagram.

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