Colorful Cat Tattoos That Prove Feline Love Is Forever!

A cattoo — or cat tattoo — is a unique and permanent way for pet lovers to show their affection for felines, allowing them to mark their appreciation and passion for the species as a whole, or create a memorial to a beloved feline friend who has passed away. Some people with cattoos have such fondness for their kitties, they get their living companions tattooed on their bodies as a symbol of their devotion to their furry friends.

Even if you don’t want to commit to getting your cat inked on your body, you can still enjoy the beauty of cat tattoos and the extraordinarily talented artists who created these stunning pieces. While simple cat tattoos are always popular, these cattoos go beyond basic black and feature lots of colors to really bring their feline subjects to life!

Two tattoos in two days done by the amazing @hollietoldmeto who I highly recommend ??

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GOOD DOOD! #cattoo #tattood #catportrait #cattattoo #catart #gato #tabby

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Fierce Franklin furever! @cheyennesawyer absolutely crushed it. ?? #franklinstagram #cattoo #cattattoo

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Cattoo from today thanks Hannah!

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Fick tatuera Idas katt Rasputin idag! Tack!!??#Filthyswede

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marielle’s newest addition, thanks again! #tattoo #tattoos @stayhumbletattooco

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Healed pic of marielle’s cat from a year ago. Thanks so much! #tattoo #tattoos @stayhumbletattooco

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