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Interactive Cat Toys To Help Keep Your Kitty Entertained!

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If you’re looking for a way to keep your kitty entertained and active, then you have to see these interactive cat toys! These toys are designed to stimulate your cat, making them ideal for kitties who get bored easily or who could use a little more physical activity.

MalsiPree Robotic Interactive Cat Toy, Automatic Feather/Ball Teaser Toys for Kitten/Cats

This interactive cat toy features a feather wand toy to keep your kitty stimulated, it has a USB rechargeable battery, it includes a built-in sensor to help it navigate obstacles in your home, it comes with additional feathers, and it has LED lights on the wheels.

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Cat Amazing – Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

This game and puzzle box is designed to help keep your cat entertained, and it has lots of places for you to hide toys, treats, and catnip.

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Potaroma 11″ Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy, Realistic Flopping Fish

This interactive cat toy moves like a flopping fish, it has a built-in motion sensor, it’s USB rechargeable and infused with catnip, and it’s made from safe and durable materials.

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SmartyKat Electronic Motion Cat Toy — Hot Pursuit

This interactive cat toy replicates a mouse moving under a piece of fabric, it has two speeds for you to choose from, and it’s made from durable materials.

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Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy

This cat tower features three tiers, each with a ball for your kitty to play with, making it a fun and interactive toy for your favorite feline.

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YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy – 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball

This self-rotating ball is designed to provide your cat with hours of entertainment, it’s rechargeable, and it will automatically turn off after 40 minutes of rolling.

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Cat Amazing Sliders – Interactive Treat Puzzle Cat Toy – Active Food Puzzle Feeder

This puzzle feeder is a great way to encourage activity while keeping your cat entertained, and it’s made from industrial strength cardboard with a plant-based gloss coating.

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Interactive Cat Toy with Suction Cup Portable Windmill

This interactive cat toy is made from eco-friendly, soft silicone, it has a windmill design with two cavities for you to fill with toys or catnip, it comes in yellow, green, and blue styles, and it even has a brush for self-grooming.

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Iconic Pet Knock ‘N’ Roll Spinning Cat Interactive Toy, Smart Random Rotating Feather

This interactive cat toy features a box with a random rotating feather to stimulate and entertain your kitty, and it’s made from eco-friendly plastic.

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Zenes Cat Toys – Cat Teaser with Butterfly Replacement

This interactive cat toy features a fluttering butterfly that is sure to excite your favorite feline, it has a secure base, and it’s battery-operated.

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OLEY Smart Interactive Toys Electronic Cat Ball with LED Light and Detachable Feather

This self-rotating ball toy features a detachable feather on a flexible stick, it has an LED light, it’s made from durable materials, and it comes with two modes for you to choose from.

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PetDroid Interactive Robotic Cat Toy, Hanging Electric Concealed Motion Cat Mouse Tail Toy

This interactive cat toy mimics the random movements of a mouse’s tail, it comes with spare tails and five different modes for you to choose from, and it even includes adhesive that you can use to mount it to a wall or secure it to the floor.

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WINGPET Interactive Cat Toys 2 Speed Mode – Electronic Battery Operated Smart Automatic Motion Cat Toy

This interactive cat toy features spinning feathers on the inside and the outside, as well as a catnip ball, it comes with batteries, it has two modes for you to choose from, and it features a non-slip base.

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Pawsome Pets Interactive Laser Cat Toy – Automatic Rotating Laser Pointer for Kittens

This interactive laser cat toy is designed to keep your kitty entertained, it rotates 360 degrees, it has three adjustable modes, and it will turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

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Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

This interactive toy is designed to make your kitty work for their food, making it a great way to stimulate your favorite feline, it has three difficulty levels, and it’s made from BPA-free materials.

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Mora Pets Cat Scratcher Interactive Cat Toys – Kitten Toys with Corrugated Cat Scratcher Cardboard

This cat scratcher is made from corrugated cardboard, and it comes with catnip and two bell balls to entertain your favorite feline.

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