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15 Videos Of Wobbly Cats That Will Rock Your World!

Frequently referred to as wobbly cats, these fantastic felines have Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), a non-progressive condition that impacts their balance and coordination. CH is generally seen in kittens who were in utero when their mothers contracted Panleuokpenia, a potentially life-threatening virus. This virus can stunt the growth of the kittens’ cerebellums, resulting in tremors and difficulty walking. Cerebellar Hypolplasia is frequently referred to as the cat version of Cerebral Palsy, and both conditions can range from mild to severe, causing some wobbly kitties to be extremely mobile while others need a fair amount of help from their people.

However, CH cats can live long and happy lives, and because they’re born with this condition, they don’t realize they’re different from other felines. Plus, wobbly kitties are known for their perseverance and their super loving and cuddly personalities, making them wonderful companion cats.

This condition is not contagious, nor is it progressive, and most wobbly cats’ coordination improves with age as they learn to cope with their balance issues. These special needs cats are truly inspiring — just check out these awesome videos of wobbly kitties as they climb, run, play, jump, do physical therapy, eat, and snuggle, all in unique and remarkable ways!


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