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19 Videos Of Twisty Cats & Kittens Who Might Actually Be Kangaroos!

Often referred to as “twisty cats” or “kangaroo cats”, felines born with radial hypoplasia have abnormally short and twisted forelegs, and this condition impacts the way they sit and move. Radial hypoplasia ranges from mild to severe, but many cats with the conditoon are capable of living full and happy lives with minimal assistance. Twisty cats are also referred to as “squittens,” a portmanteau formed by the combining the words “kittens” and “squirrels” because of the unique posture often exhibited by these phenomenal felines.

Because radial hypoplasia is a cogenital condition, twisty cats have no idea they’re different from their feline friends, and the majority of squittens are able to play, groom themselves, eat and drink, use the litter box, and even run and jump like their more able-bodied counterparts. These adorable cats and kittens are truly inspiring, and they are wonderful examples of how to overcome challenges. While these fantastic felines certainly don’t need pity, they are definitely deserving of admiration!


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So. Close. ?

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