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24 Three-legged Cats & Kittens Who Definitely Aren’t Missing Their Limbs!

While these tripod cats and kittens may only have three legs, they certainly aren’t missing their limbs! Some felines are born with just three legs, while others become tripods when a broken bone fails to heal properly, they are attacked by another animal, or they develop an infection that doesn’t respond to treatment. Other tripod kitties have had one of their limbs amputated after developing bone cancer, because removing the affected leg usually stops cancer from spreading to other areas of a cat’s body.

After amputation, most felines take a while to adjust to tripod life, but the majority of three-legged cats get used to their new bodies fairly quickly. Three-legged cats live full, happy, and active lives, just like their four-legged counterparts, and they rarely let their missing limbs prevent them from doing exactly what they please!

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if I sit really still, will you give me a treat?

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