30+ Of The Cutest Bottle Fed Kittens You’ve Ever Seen!

Affectionately known as “bottle babies,” kittens who are separated from their mothers before they’re old enough to eat solid food have to be bottle fed kitten milk, a milk replacement formula, until they’re approximately five weeks old. These kittens, who are usually taken in by rescues after they become orphans, have to be fed every two to five hours until they’re able to eat on their own. Thankfully, there are people who work and volunteer at rescues and animal shelters who are willing and able to adhere to this rigorous feeding schedule, providing these adorable kittens with the nutrition — and love — they need to survive and thrive.

Bottle babies become so accustomed to being handled, they’re known for being incredibly affectionate and people-oriented, making them wonderful pets and companions. In honor of the wonderful volunteers who spend sleepless nights saving lives, here are some of the most adorable bottle fed kittens you’ve ever seen!

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