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Which Black Cat Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Black Cat Appreciation Day is tomorrow, so it’s time for you to discover which mini panther is similar to you! Just answer a few simple questions to find out if you’re most like Kitty Sunshine, Bosco, Sophie the Model, Trooper, Lunz, King Gigi, Fritz Patrick Fantastic, or Ray!

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Which Black Cat Are You?
Kitty Sunshine

You're Kitty Sunshine, an adorable bobtail cat with a sparking personality! You've been through a lot, but your experiences have only made you a stronger and more positive person. People naturally gravitate to you, and you are a great leader because you inspire others to be kinder and more productive. You're incredibly social, so you love going to parties and spending time with friends. However, you also love the outdoors, and you try to get as much fresh air as possible. You have a great sense of style, and people are always asking you for fashion tips.

You're Bosco, an adorable black munchkin cat who is also a one-eyed wonder! You've definitely had some challenges in your life, so it takes you a while to trust new people. However, once you develop a bond with someone, you're incredibly loving and loyal. You prefer curling up at home with a good book to going out on the town, and even though you're kind of reserved, you love experimenting with new styles and accessories.

You're Trooper, a handsome long-haired cat with cerebellar hypoplasia! Your life has been filled with ups and downs, but you refuse to let anything stand in the way of your happiness. You love to dance and listen to music, and most people find you a joy to be around. However, not everyone appreciates your charms, but that doesn't stop you from trying to win them over! You are an inspiration to everyone you meet, and you make people strive to be kinder and more optimistic. You love the outdoors, and you definitely look at life as one big adventure!
Fritz Patrick Fantastic

You're Fritz Patrick Fantastic, a devastatingly handsome black cat! You attract people to you with your good looks, but they stick around when you reveal how sensitive and caring you are. You have a wonderful sense of humor, and you do your best to make other people happy. While you may enjoy flirting with lots of people, once you decide to have a relationship with one person, you're faithful and loyal. You love to have fun with fashion, but you prefer classic looks to the latest trends.

You're Ray, a handsome black cat who is blind! While you may seem standoffish to some people, you're actually incredibly sensitive and you like to analyze a situation before getting involved or making a decision. You're incredibly deep, which allows you to look beyond the surface. You don't have a ton of friends, but the people you're close to know they can always count on you for help or a shoulder to cry on. You have a simple and understated style that other people often try to imitate.

You're Lunz, a stunning black cat! You're easy-going and fun, and most people love your great sense of humor, even if your jokes sometimes go a bit too far! You love the outdoors, and you're always up for hitting the beach or going to the mountains. You're very affectionate, and you love to show people how much they mean to you by giving them a hug, a kiss, or a cuddle. You have a wild and fun sense of style, and you definitely see your clothing and accessories as a way for you to express your unique personality!
King Gigi

You're King Gigi, an incredibly handsome black cat! You're very elegant, which causes some people to think you're a bit cold. However, you're actually incredibly warm and loving, and you can definitely be a bit of a goofball. You prefer spending time at home to exploring the great outdoors, but you're still very open-minded and interesting. You absolutely love fashion, and you see every day as an opportunity for you to try a new look.

You're Sophie, an aspiring model! You're so beautiful, people often underestimate how smart, funny, and kind you are. You love playing pranks on people, and you don't get upset when someone makes a joke at your expense. You're fun-loving and sweet, and you try to fill your life and the lives of others with as much happiness as possible. You have an incredible sense of style, and you are definitely someone who sets trends instead of following them.

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