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Which Blind Cat From Blossom_And_Her_Family Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

If you’re part of the Cats of Instagram community, then you probably follow @blossom_and_her_family, an account that features Blossom, Ray, Cookie, and Donovan, who are blind cats, Ozzy, a kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia, Sabrina, a blind dog, and Jasmine, a sighted cat. They all have unique and interesting personalities, but which of the blind cats from @blossom_and_her_family is most like you? Just take this simple quiz to find out if you’re most like Blossom, Ray, Cookie, or Donovan!

How would you describe your best friend?

Pick a gift to give to your best friend!

What do you like to do on the weekend?

Choose an accessory to wear!

Pick your favorite cat shirt!

Choose your favorite pattern!

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