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Which Blind Cat From Blossom_And_Her_Family Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

If you’re part of the Cats of Instagram community, then you probably follow @blossom_and_her_family, an account that features Blossom, Ray, Cookie, and Donovan, who are blind cats, Ozzy, a kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia, Sabrina, a blind dog, and Jasmine, a sighted cat. They all have unique and interesting personalities, but which of the blind cats from @blossom_and_her_family is most like you? Just take this simple quiz to find out if you’re most like Blossom, Ray, Cookie, or Donovan!

How would you describe your best friend?

Pick a gift to give to your best friend!

What do you like to do on the weekend?

Choose an accessory to wear!

Pick your favorite cat shirt!

Choose your favorite pattern!

Which Blind Cat From Blossom_And_Her_Family Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

You're Blossom! While you can be very sassy, you're also incredibly sweet to your loved ones. You have a fun and adventurous sense of style, and you have a great appreciation for nature. It may take you a little while to warm up to new people, so others might think you're a bit cold. However, once you open up, you're very loving and loyal. You're definitely in charge in your house, and everyone else pretty much follows your lead.

You're Donovan! You're sweet and loving, and you try to make friends with everyone you meet. You're incredibly empathetic, and you definitely know how to cheer people up when they're feeling down. You like to dress smart, and you take your job very seriously. You're a little on the clumsy side, but that's just part of your charm. You love to have a good time, but you can sometimes party a little bit too hard. You are definitely loved by everyone you meet, you're easy to get along with, and people are inspired by your positive attitude.

You're Cookie! You're a total sweetheart, and you have a very gentle and laid-back personality. It takes a lot to make you mad, but you'll definitely let someone know when they've crossed a line with you. You like experimenting with different styles and accessories, and you always look great no matter what you wear. You get along with everyone, but you definitely have one person who you consider to be your best friend.

You're Ray! You're known for being extremely thoughtful, and you're also very cautious, so you never do anything with thinking it through first. People admire your elegant and sophisticated style, and you have an understated way about you that others find mysterious and intriguing. You love the outdoors, and you definitely like to explore. You're a bit of a loner, but when you become friends with someone, you're incredibly loyal.

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