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Meet The Courageous Kitten Who Survived Being Abused And Abandoned By Her Family

When Saima Javed from House of Paws Shelter in Pakistan saw a Facebook post from a woman who was trying to find a new home for an abused cat, she knew she had to help the little white kitten. “Her neighbor’s son beat [the cat] with a bat, which caused nerve damage and eardrum damage,” says Saima. Sadly, after child’s mother saw the kittens injuries, instead of taking the cat to a vet, she simply abandoned the injured feline on the street.

Fortunately, the family’s neighbor rescued the young cat, took her to the vet, and then turned to social media to try to find a new home for her. Sadly, only one person volunteered to adopt the kitten, but they wanted to keep her outdoors, which Saima knew would have meant certain death for the defenseless feline. “I wasn’t able to sleep the whole night,” remembers Saima. “I was crying and really wanted to rescue her.”

white rescue cat who survived abuse
Image via @houseofpawsshelter on Instagram

Saima arranged to transport the kitten to House of Paws Shelter, and she arrived at the organization in April 2022. Wanting to give the young cat a new name to go with her new beginning, Saima named her Angel. “A good friend, Tess Mayne, gave her this name,” explains Saima, “and we both think she is as innocent as an angel.”

white rescue cat who survived abuse
Image via @houseofpawsshelter on Instagram

Saima was heartbroken to see Angel in person, and it was obvious she was suffering because of  the abuse she’d sustained. “Her head was tilted to one side, and she’d lost control of her neck,” remembers Saima, and a veterinary examination revealed she also had a bacterial infection. “She was in miserable pain with a high fever.”

Fortunately, Saima was able to get Angel the treatment she needed, and a month later, this beautiful girl’s condition has dramatically improved. Not only is Angel no longer in constant pain, she has regained control of her neck, so her head doesn’t hang to one side. However, this innocent cat is still suffering the effects of the abuse she suffered. “Her immune system is very weak after this trauma,” explains Saima.

In addition to having a weak immune system, Angel is a bit leery of people, which is completely understandable given both the violence and neglect she was subjected to. “Angel still doesn’t completely trust humans,” says Saima, but she is definitely making progress when it comes to interacting with people. “She likes to play with hands. Biting with love on hands is her favorite activity.”

Angel was also recently diagnosed with an iron deficiency, but once she recovers, Saima hopes to be able to find her a forever home outside of Pakistan. However, it’s crucial for her to be kept indoors at all times, a request not everyone understands. “Some people think she can survive in the streets and that this damage is not very serious,” says Saima.

Saima hopes Angel’s tragic experience will show parents how important it is for them to teach their children, especially by example, that they should handle pets gently and with love and compassion. “They must teach their children animals are not toys, they are their siblings,” explains Saima. “Don’t let them alone with your children if it is your first pet.”

white rescue cat who survived abuse
Image via @houseofpawsshelter on Instagram

While Angel’s life got off to an incredibly difficult start, this resilient girl has made an inspiring recovery, and Saima is going to make sure she eventually finds a home where she will be treated with the care and consideration she has always deserved. “She means the world to me,” says Saima.

white rescue cat who survived abuse
Image via @houseofpawsshelter on Instagram

To learn more about this stunning cat, you can follow Angel on Instagram.


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