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Which Cat From Team Mookeet Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

If you’re a member of the Cats of Instagram community, then you probably already follow @mookeet75! If you’re a fan of their live news reports and you love them to the moon and back, then you have to take this quiz to find out which cat from Team Mookeet is most like you!
Just answer a few questions to find out if you’re Fritz Patrick Fantastic, Michael J. Meow, Oreo Nabisco Yum, Sarah Val Serendipitous, Roxy Ann Rambunctious, King Moot Tut, Georgia Mae Glamorous, Calli Coco Expialidocious, Phoebe Erin Fabulous, Samantha Jo Scrumptious, or Jacque Duchess of Fluffington!

Choose Something To Eat!

Pick A Halloween Costume!

Choose One Word To Describe Yourself!

What Do You Like To Do On The Weekends?

Choose A Look To Wear!

Describe Your Best Friend!

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