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Which One-eyed Cat Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out Right Now!

In honor of our friend Bosco’s adoptiversary celebration this weekend, we’ve created a quiz to honor adorable pirate cats like our one-eyed buddy! If you want to find out which one-eyed wonder is most like you, just answer a few questions to discover if you have the most in common with Bosco, Odin, Tidbit, Sparrow, Ben, Kadife, Apollo, Stanley, Azrag, or Dizzy!

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Which One-eyed Cat Are You?

You're Ben, a handsome Siamese cat from @benthecliniccat! Like Ben, you're smart and organized, and you're a natural born leader who people look to for guidance. You have a tendency to be a micro manager, which can cause some people to get frustrated with you. However, it's just because you're a bit of a perfectionist who has high expectations of everybody, including yourself. While you can be a little rigid, people respect your intelligence and your attention to detail, and you're actually a lot of fun to be around once you're able to relax. You have a bit of difficulty balancing your personal and professional lives, so make sure you make time for romance.

You're Apollo, an adorable tabby and white cat from @apollocatsmeow! Like Apollo, you have a tendency to be anxious, and most people think you're a bit too cautious for your own good. You often get nervous about trying new things, so make sure you push yourself out of your comfort zone ever once in a while. It takes you a bit of time to trust new people, but once you feel comfortable with someone, you're incredibly loving and sweet. You like nature, but you prefer the comfort and safety of home. You're very affectionate and kind, and you're happiest when you're cuddled up on the couch with your significant other.

You're Kadife, a gorgeous Birman cat from @karikjoniksen! Like Kadife, you are adventurous and fun, and you're happiest when you're exploring and trying new things. You love nature and being outside, but you also have a domestic side that not many people get to see. You're very creative and crafty, and you love baking and making stuff with your hands. You are exceptionally attractive, so a lot of people think you're high maintenance. However, you're actually extremely down to earth, and you have a warmth that people find charming and comforting.

You're Sparrow, a pretty tabby and white cat from @sparrowlucille! You are feisty and fun, and you love doing outdoor activities like hiking, camping, kayaking, and rock climbing. You also enjoy traveling, and you like to take road trips to new and interesting places. Because you're so adventurous, you always have interesting stories to tell. People often underestimate you, but you are more than capable of taking care of yourself. You also have a great sense of humor, and you keep your friends and family amused with your wit and your silly anecdotes and jokes.

You're Bosco, a fluffy black munchkin cat from @tiny_tortie_tigers_and_bosco! Like Bosco, you've had some difficult experiences in your life, so it's harder for you to trust new people. However, you are willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone, which actually makes you quite brave and courageous. You are quirky and cute, and people usually want to nurture and take care for you. Once you determine someone is trustworthy, you are incredibly sweet and loving. While you can be shy, you love to express yourself through fashion, and you frequently experiment with new looks and styles. While you appreciate nature, you're definitely more of a homebody, and you enjoy decorating your house to reflect your unique interests and experiences.

You're Stanley, a fluffy ginger cat from @menageriedechats! Like Stanley, you're definitely a people person, and you're happiest when you're surrounded by your loved ones. You prefer staying at home to going out, but you're definitely not boring. You like to have a good time, and you often entertain at home by throwing barbecues and dinner parties. You're very smart and capable, which makes you an asset at work. While you're a good employee, you see your job as a means to an end, and you definitely prefer to focus your attention on your family and your personal life.

You're Odin, a fluffy Maine Coon from @odin_the_maine_coon! Like Odin, you have a young and vibrant spirit, and you love meeting new people, visiting new places, and trying new things. You are extremely curious and playful, so people love being around you. You enjoy learning about people who are different from you, and you like to study different countries and cultures. You love traveling, and you think a good road trip is the best way to see the world. You're almost always on the go, so you have to force yourself to take some time to relax and recharge.

You're Azrag, an adorable Sphynx cat from @wardyandazrag! Like Azrag, you're incredibly close with your family, and you love getting together with your loved ones for the holidays. You know exactly what you want out of life, and you're not afraid to be a bit aggressive in order to reach your goals. Consequently, some people might find you a bit a abrasive, but you're actually incredibly sweet, loving, and loyal to those closest to you. Your appearance is very important to you, so you spend a fair amount of our time on your grooming and physical fitness. While you're very driven at work, you also value your free time, and you love traveling to exotic locations whenever you have the opportunity.

You're Dizzy, an adorable tabby cat! Like Dizzy, you are one of a kind, and you captivate people with your unusual approach to life. You see the world differently from most people, which gives you a unique outlook and perspective. You are very affectionate and kind, and you make a point of letting the people you love know exactly how much you care about them. You're also very artistic and crafty, and you're always working on some sort of project or art piece. While some people might think you're a bit flighty, you're actually very responsible and trustworthy, making you a great employee, partner, and friend.

You're Tidbit, a stunning tortoiseshell cat from @littleman_and_tidbit! You're incredibly beautiful, so a lot of people think you're unapproachable. However, you're actually really goofy and silly, which makes you a ton of fun to be around. You are extremely nurturing, which makes you great at taking of plants, animals, and children. You are extraordinarily sweet and kind, and you believe it's important to give to charity and to try to help those who are less fortunate than you. You are a bright and happy person, and you bring joy and comfort to pretty much everyone you meet.

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