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2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Cats, By Cats!

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It’s no secret that we love cats, and we want your kitty to have the purrfect holiday season, so we spoke with the parents and guardians of some of your favorite felines to create a gift guide for cats, by cats! We’ve found some awesome toys, treats, beds, bow ties, collars, scratchers, houses, and even a tree topper that are all kitty approved, so they’re sure to delight your cat this Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa!

Cat Ski Chalet Pet Scratch Center

Sarah, a sweet and spunky blind cat from @mooket75, loves the seasonal cardboard houses Target sells for cats, and she’s a huge fan of this year’s offering, a festive ski chalet that can accommodate her and one of her 10 siblings at the same time. If you want to make the holiday season extra special for your cat, then you should definitely consider getting them the chalet, or you can opt for the cabin, which is a few dollars cheaper.

$16.99 via Target

Blueberry Pet Multiple Designs Breakaway Cat Collars

Kitty Sunshine from @_kittysunshine_ is a stunning cat nurse with an impressive collar collection, and she absolutely adores this lovely set of pink and blue breakaway collars with bells and flowers. This adorable feline fashionista is also a big fan of the glitter bow ties from Neemiebows and the stunning sets of flower crowns and bow ties from Tyrra Pets Couture.

$14.99 Via Amazon

Shark Cardboard Cat House

Chosen by Bosco from @tiny_tortie_tigers_and_bosco, this cardboard house that looks like a shark is the purrfect Christmas present for kitties who — like this adorable one-eyed munchkin — are a bit timid and need a safe place they can go to when the holiday festivities get a little overwhelming.

$35 via Etsy


Wyatt, a beautiful grey and white tabby with paralysis from @oliviab1028, is a huge fan of this variety pack of toys that are made in the USA and filled with 100% organic catnip. Kitty Sunshine from @_kittysunshine_ also recommended this set of toys from YEOWWW!, making it a popular present for cats this year!

Wyatt, like most cats, is always looking for a warm place to curl up when the temperatures drop, so he’s a big fan of this pet bed made by K&H that includes a heating element to keep your kitty nice and toasty. This handsome special needs cats also loves this SmaryKat Scratch Sisal Scratcher and this wand toy made by Go Cat, both of which allow Wyatt to expend some energy after he’s had a little too much catnip and excitement during the holidays.

$18 via Amazon

Fruit Cake Catnip Toy

If your kitty is a catnip addict like sweet and sassy Kona from @tiny_tortie_tigers_and_bosco, then they’ll have a great time playing with this handmade fruitcake catnip toy that’s on top of this wobbly tortie’s Christmas list!

$7.50 via Etsy

Catnip Pizza Toy

Another great catnip toy is this pizza, which includes four slices and is made from organic catnip and 100% cotton, making it a favorite of Rocket from @flint.guerkchen.rocket. This adorable two-legged cat also has a bit of a sweet tooth, so he absolutely loves this cat bow tie with a fun doughnut pattern from Sammy Merlin!

$25.59 via Etsy

Tortoiseshell Cat Tree Topper

While Maple from loves the handmade Christmas catnip toys from Erika’s Crafting, this tortie with cerebellar hypoplasia is convinced every tree needs to be topped with a tortoiseshell cat this holiday season.

Starting at $34.95 via Etsy

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

If you’re looking for a toy to keep your kitty entertained on Christmas morning, Petstages Tower of Tracks comes highly recommended by Coraline, a beautiful blind cat from @tipperswobblykitty! Being blind, Coraline loves the sound this toy makes, but it’s also popular with other special needs cats, including Toshi, a paralyzed kitten from @toshi_tales, and Wyatt from @oliviab28, who both recommended Petstages Tower of Tracks.

$12 on sale via Amazon

PureBites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats

Batman, a handsome tripod cat from @mrbatmancat, goes crazy for these freeze-dried shrimp treats from PureBites, making them a great stocking stuff for kitties. In order to avoid shrimpy breath, Batman enjoys nomming Pit’r Pats, a breath freshener for cats that will make your feline ready to meet you under the mistletoe. After a day of excitement, this sweet black and white kitty likes retreating to his bat cave, which was custom made by textile artist Indre Naujoikiene to look exactly like Batman.

$2.29 via Amazon

Leaps & Bounds Electric Flutter Butterfly Cat Toy

This interactive toy from Leaps & Bounds is purrfect for special needs cats like Toshi, a paralyzed kitten from @toshi_tales, because it allows them to practice stalking and hunting, even if they aren’t able to get around like typical kitties. While this electric butterfly cat toy is particularly good for special needs kitties, it’s appropriate for all felines, making it a great gift for the holidays.

$21 via Amazon

Cat Sushi Bonito Flakes

Thomas from @sirthomastrueheart was rescued by Milo’s Sanctuary after he suffered horrific abuse that left him with severe acid burns and just one eye. Today, Thomas is a member of Milo’s Lifetime Care program where he receives lots of love and attention, as well as his favorite treat, tuna flakes from Cat Sushi. You can help guarantee Thomas and his many feline friends at Milo’s always have homes, food, and medical care by sponsoring a cat in the Lifetime Care Program, which is designed to help special needs kitties who aren’t suitable for adoption.

$16.99 via Amazon

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