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Cat Museums That Are Purrfect For Feline Fanatics!

If you love cats, then you have to check out these cat museums for people who are fanatical about felines! There are some amazing kitty museums in countries all over the world — including Russia, the United States, Lithuania, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Montenegro — where you can see collections of cat art and even learn about different types of felines. Plus, many of these museums have resident cats who live on site, giving you the opportunity to get some much needed kitty interaction while you’re on vacation.

The Cat Cabinet in the Netherlands

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No cat lover’s trip to Amsterdam would be complete without visiting the Cat Cabinet, a kitty museum located in Holland’s capital city. This small museum is packed with cat related art, including posters, sculptures, playbills, paintings, drawings, lithographs, and photographs.

Plus, the Cat Cabinet has lots of residents kitties for you to pet, so this museum is sure to be one of the highlights of your visit to the Netherlands. Admission is approximately $8 for adults: children 12 and under get in free, and the Cat Cabinet even offers discounts for students and groups.

The Cats Museum in Montenegro

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The collection at the Cat’s Museum in Kotor, Montenegro includes prints, postcards, commercial invoices and labels, books, greeting cards, lithographs, magazines, coins, menus, and stamps, providing visitors with a unique look at how cats have been portrayed over the years. In addition to the feline works of art proudly displayed in the museum, visitors will find lots of kitties loitering near — and sometimes inside — this one of a kind attraction, making it a great destination for cat lovers.

The Cats Museum charges a small entrance fee that is used to help local kitties, and it has a great gift shop filled with wonderful souvenirs for people who love felines.

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The Cat Museum in Russia

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If you ever find yourself in Vsevolozhsk, Russia, you have to make a trip to the Cat Museum. Not only does this museum boast thousands of feline related paintings, photographs, postcards, riddles, proverbs, poems, fables, and household items, it’s home to several kitties who you are welcome to pet and play with during your tour.

Admission to this unique museum is approximately $4 a person, and it has a cafe where you can drink a tea or a coffee while cuddling up with one of this attraction’s kitty residents.

The Cat Museum in Malaysia

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Located in Kuching, Malaysia, this cat museum is filled with kitty related art and collectibles feline fanatics will love! While the Cat Museum is free to enter, you have to pay a small fee if you want to be able to take pictures with your phone or camera.

This fun museum offers lots of photo opportunities, so you’ll most likely want to pay the price to document your visit. If you’re ever in Kuching, Malaysia, the Cat Museum is definitely a good place to spend an hour looking at feline related artwork!

The Cat Museum in Lithuania

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The Cat Museum in Siauliai, Lithuania, is the purrfect destination for people who love quirky and unusual cat related items, including more than 10,000 figurines, postcards, photographs, lamps, poems, postage stamps, books, cards, and stained glass windows from all over the world.

Plus, this museum has lots of cats who live on site, making it a great place to visit when you’re missing your kitties back home. Entry to this museum is less than $3 per person, making it a fun, affordable, and kid-friendly place to visit if you’re ever in northern Lithuania.

Lucky Cat Museum in the United States

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If you’re a big fan of Japanese lucky cats — or maneki-neko — then you have to visit this museum located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Lucky Cat Museum features a large collection that the owner has built over the course of more than 20 years, making it a great place to learn about the origins and evolution of this iconic symbol.

Plus, the Lucky Cat Museum, which is located in Essex Studios, has a gift shop where you can pick up a maneki-neko of your very own! This museum is free to visit, but donations are always appreciated, and it’s usually open Tuesday through Saturday from 3:00 to 6:00p.m.

The Republic of Cats Cultural and Museum Complex in Russia

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While this museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, has some works of feline related art, the main attraction is definitely the group of cats who call the Republic of Cats Cultural and Museum Complex home. Visitors to this hands-on museum get to spend time interacting with over 20 cats, and once an hour, a member of staff share’s information about each of the kitties, including their names, breeds, and unique personalities.

The entrance fee for this museum is less than $9 per person, and it includes a drink, such as coffee, tea, or juice. If you ever travel to St. Petersburg, you should definitely find a place on your itinerary for this one of a kind cat museum.

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