DIY No Sew Cat Toys Your Kitty Will Love!

If you want to make some fun items to keep your kitty entertained, then you have to check out these awesome DIY cat toys! These cat toys are no sew, so you don’t have to be super crafty to make them, and many of them allow you to use items you have around the house, like toilet paper rolls, old socks, scraps of fabric, wine corks, and plastic bottles.

DIY No Sew Catnip Toys

To make these fun toy, you’ll need a piece of flannel fabric, some fiberfill, a strip of fabric or ribbon, and catnip.

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DIY No Sew Pompom Cat Toy

With the help of a pair of scissors, you can turn a scrap of fleece and some cotton string into an awesome toy your kitty will love! For bonus points, marinate the toy in catnip to drive your kitty wild.

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DIY Puzzle Feeder

To make this simple puzzle feeder, use a utility knife to cut a couple of small holes in the side of a plastic bottle. Then, fill the bottle with your kitty’s favorite treats or dry food, and this DIY toy will keep your cat busy as they bat it around to get the food to fall through the holes.

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DIY No Sew Catnip Kicker

Transform an old sock into an awesome kicker by filling it with some fiberfill and a bit of catnip and then tying the end closed with a piece of rope, ribbon, or string.

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DIY Wine Cork Toys

To make these fun cat toys, simply make a hole on one end of a wine cork, fill it with epoxy glue, and attach trimmings like feathers, raffia, ribbons, and string.

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DIY No Sew Socktopus Cat Toy

Transform an odd sock into an adorable cat toy by cutting one end into strips and filling the other end with catnip and fiberfill and tying it closed with rope, ribbon, or string. However, skip the googly eyes, as you don’t want your cat to accidentally ingest them.

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DIY No Sew Feather Cat Toy

Make this beautiful no sew toy cat toy by trimming a piece of felt to look like a feather and then tying a piece of satin cord around the end, securing a silver bell with a jump ring.

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DIY No Sew Sock Mouse Cat Toy

Turn an old sock into a mouse by cutting it in half and making strips on one end. Then, fill it with catnip and pieces of paper, tie it shut, and draw a cute face on the toy with a non-toxic marker.

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DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cat Toy

To make this fun toy for your kitty, fold in one end of a toilet paper roll, fill it with treats, fold in the other end, and draw a cute cat face on it with non-toxic marker. This DIY toy will keep your cat busy as they bat it around in an effort to get it open. You can also use a utility knife to cut a small hole in the roll that’s just large enough for a treat to fit through.

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DIY No Sew Cat Knot Toys

You can make these simple cat toys by cutting various types of fabric into strips — including felt and old t-shirts — and knotting them together. To kick these toys up a notch, you can marinate them in catnip before giving them to your feline friend.

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