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The Special Cats Coloring Book

We’ve released what we hope to be the first of many coloring books! It features 20 of the incredibly special cats we’ve featured over the past two years, including Donny, Willow, Tate, Louie, Doby, Frankie, Toby, Rosie, Tippy, Maple, George, Fancy, Batman, Mili, Cricket, Rocket, Hank, Sylvester, Hunter, and Tommy!

It’s available on Amazon in lots of different countries, so be sure to pick up your copy today! It also makes a great gift for the holiday!

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It’s designed for children and adults, and it features details about each cat, making it both fun and informative! Also, the kitty featured on the cover is Mittens, our beloved special needs cat who passed away in May 2017 from complications related to epilepsy. He is the inspiration behind Meow As Fluff, so we wanted to share a coloring book page of Mittens that you can download, print, and color.

Please share your completed page of Mittens with us on Instagram or Facebook, and we will share it with our followers!

As a gift to you for the holidays, we’ve also created a coloring book page of Roo, an incredible special needs cat who was born with mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS), an extremely rare congenital condition. While Roo endured profound neglect during his first few months of life, he was eventually rescued, and he ultimately found the perfect forever home for the holidays with the Siegler family!

free holiday cat coloring book page

You can download, print, and color Roo’s page, and if you share your completed page of Roo with us on Instagram or Facebook, we will share it with our followers!

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