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Which Blind Cat Are You? Take Our Quiz To Find Out!

If you’ve ever seen a blind cat in action, then you know they’re incredible creatures who refuse to let their lack of vision hold them back from doing everything they want to do! Some of our favorite blind cats include Butchie, Hank, Giselle, Coraline, and Sarah VAL, so we created a quiz to help you find out which of these amazing kitties is most like you! Just answer a few simple questions, and you’ll discover which of these remarkable blind cats you have the most in common with!

What Do You Want To Eat For Breakfast?

Choose Your Favorite Stevie Wonder Song!

Which Sweatshirt Do You Want To Wear?

Pick Your Favorite Quote From Oprah Winfrey!

Which Picture Do You Want To Hang On Your Wall?

What's Your Biggest Flaw?

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