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Wobbly Kitten Is Searching For A Home Where He And His BFF And Twin Can Be Together Forever!

 When we saw Bruno on Instagram for the first time, his coloring and wobbly gait immediately reminded us of Timmy, a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia we featured earlier this year. We quickly realized Bruno and Timmy were actually in the same foster home where they were being cared for by Kris, which came as no surprise, as she — like us — has a penchant for cats with cerebellar hypoplasia. The doppelgangers wasted no time in becoming best friends, and videos of them cuddling together touched our hearts and the hearts of people all around the world.

We weren’t surprised to learn that Kris and Kitty Revolution wanted to make sure the adorable duo found a forever home where they could be together forever, but a few months later, we were dismayed to learn Bruno and Timmy still hadn’t been adopted. Consequently, we reached out to Kris to learn more about Bruno in hopes of helping him and his BFF Timmy find the perfect home!

We really appreciate Kris taking the time to share Bruno’s rescue story, and she also explained that while he has a neurological disorder like Timmy, unlike cerebellar hypoplasia, the cause of his condition is unknown. We enjoyed learning more about Bruno, and we hope you’ll share his story to help him and Timmy find an awesome forever home!

Meow As Fluff: How did you end up meeting Bruno?

tabby kitten with bilateral vestibular disorder
Image via @campwobblycat on Instagram

Kris: Bruno was found wandering in an alley in St. Paul, MN, and brought to animal control. After waiting for a week to see if someone claimed him, he was posted for rescue release. His post was sent my way since he had neurological symptoms. I said I’d foster him!

MAF: What made you decide to foster a special needs cat?

tabby kitten with bilateral vestibular disorder
Image via @campwobblycat on Instagram

K: I find special needs cats to be incredibly sweet and loving. They just need a safe place to land until their special adopters come along.

MAF: Can you tell me a bit about Bruno’s neurological condition?

K: Bruno is a wobbly cat, but he moves in a way that’s different from [a cat with] cerebellar hypoplasia. I noticed he has a head tilt and a bit of a side shuffle.

He can’t stand still without leaning against something, his body starts swinging to the side. He also can’t always turn his head in the direction he’s trying to look. He was seen by a neurologist shortly after I started fostering him and was diagnosed with bilateral vestibular disorder. It is of unknown origin. He has adapted very well and is very smart, happy, and playful.

MAF: What do you wish more people knew about special needs cats?

tabby kitten with bilateral vestibular disorder
Image via @campwobblycat on Instagram

K: Most of the time, cats who are born with special needs don’t really know that they are different. Bruno is incredibly happy and playful, loves to cuddle, and has a purr motor that doesn’t quit. Everyone who meets him loves him because he’s so incredibly sweet!

MAF: What are some of Bruno’s favorite activities?

K: Bruno loves to play with toys and cuddle with his best friend, Timmy High Jinx.

Bruno and Timmy would like to be adopted together! They love to play together and cuddle. In fact, their cuddles have gone viral several times!

MAF: Please describe their ideal adopter.

K: Bruno is looking for a home that can accommodate both him and Timmy. Timmy has severe cerebellar hypoplasia, so he will need lots of rugs and carpets to get around and to provide cushion for his falls. They are both playful young cats who love lots of attention.

They will need special litter boxes that are easier to get in and out of. Bruno currently eats out of a feeding station that prevents him from swinging from side to side while he’s trying to eat (and also keeps him from tipping over). These can be easily built or set up with things you have around your home.

Image via @campwobblycat on Instagram

To learn more about this adorable duo, you can follow Bruno and Timmy on Instagram.

If you’re interested in adopting Bruno and Timmy, you can complete an application.

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