Is Your Cat A Psychopath? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

After your cat does something naughty, do they seem guilty or remorseful?

Does your cat manipulate you or other people into doing what they want?

Does your cat need a lot of stimulation because they get bored easily?

Do you think you and your cat share a strong emotional bond?

Does your cat often do things without thinking through the consequences of their actions?

Do you think your cat has a really high opinion of themselves?

If you're upset, does your cat try to comfort you?

When your cat was a kitten, were they extraordinarily naughty?

Does your cat repeatedly do things that put them in danger, like climbing really high or attacking animals who are bigger than them?

Will your cat escape from your house if they have the chance?

Is Your Cat A Psychopath? Take This Quiz To Find Out!
Your Cat Is Probably A Psychopath!

Psychopaths are known for being impulsive, callous, cunning, and grandiose, and they lack remorse and need constant stimulation, just like your cat! Your cat is kind of a jerk -- and taking care of them is a thankless job -- but you kind of admire their attitude towards you and life.
Your Cat Might Be A Psychopath!

It's possible your cat might be a psychopath -- after all, they love looking you right in the eye while they knock your stuff on the floor -- or they might just be a typical feline. You should definitely keep an eye on your kitty just in case they cross the line and become a danger to you or themselves.
Your Cat Probably Isn't A Psychopath!

Your cat probably isn't a psychopath -- they're most likely too sweet, too scared, or too lazy. However, cats are really smart, so it's possible your kitty is running some kind of long con that involves taking you for everything you have. Just to be on the safe side, you should probably sleep with one eye open.

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