Which Three-legged Cat Are You?

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Which Three-legged Cat Are You?

You're Batman from @mrbatmancat! Like Batman, you're very brave and courageous, although you can get scared from time to time. You believe in playing as hard as you work, and you strive to make the world a better place for the people around you. It takes a little while for you to trust new people. However, once you let someone in, they realize you are quirky, fun, loyal, and extremely affectionate!

You're Jackson from @mr_poopaw! Like Jackson, you're pretty easy-going and laid-back, but people are often surprised to learn that you're also fairly athletic and agile. You appreciate nature, but you definitely prefer to stay indoors where it's cool. While you've had some setbacks in life, your challenges have only made you wiser and more aware of what's truly important in life. You treasure your relationships with the people closest to you, and you make sure your loved ones know exactly how much you care for them.

You're Cuna from @cunathemainecoon! You are exceptionally good-looking, and you have a presence that means all eyes are on you whenever you enter a room. People often underestimate your intelligence, but you're actually very smart and tenacious. You can be affectionate, but only when you're in the mood to give or receive love. You enjoy nature, but you also appreciate the finer things in life like a gourmet meal. There's isn't much you're afraid of, but you do have your fears and insecurities like anybody else.

You're Pete from @three_legged_pet! Like Pete, you're silly and fun, and you're always the life of the party. You're extremely open-minded and curious, and you love meeting new people and going on adventures. You love the outdoors, but you also enjoy spending time at home cuddled up on the couch with your significant other. While you've had your fair share of problems, you've always approached challenges with optimism and a sense of humor.

You're Guu from @three_legged_guu! Like Guu, you're incredibly gentle and sweet, and people always go to you when they need advice or a shoulder to cry on. You're very empathetic and warm, and people are charmed by your kindness and sense of humor. You're a bit of foodie, so you're always up for trying new recipes and restaurants. While you enjoy socializing, you prefer having people over for a home cooked-meal, and your guests love your cooking and your welcoming personality.

You're Yoko from @yoko_8lives! Like Yoko, you know exactly what you want out of life, and you're not afraid to work hard to get it. Some people might think you're a bit aggressive, but it's usually because they're intimated by your focus and strength. While you're very ambitious, you can also be very loving and sweet, and you have a sensitive side few people get a chance to see. You're also an excellent cook, and you often show people how much you care by making them delicious treats and meals.

You're Bob from @tripawdbob! Like Bob, you love to learn, and you're always reading a new book or watching an educational program on TV. You believe knowledge is power, and you want to be as powerful as possible. You're an intellectual, but you also believe it's very important to take time to tend to your emotional needs. You are very affectionate and kind, and you think the world is a better place when everybody treats each other with love and respect.

You're Twiggy from @tripodtwiggy! Like Twiggy, you're feisty and fun, and you are always up for trying something new! You love to experiment with clothing and accessories, and people are always trying to copy your unusual sense of style. While you're kind of a party animal, you also love hanging out at home with the people you love. You have a young and vibrant spirit, and you inspire others to live their lives to the fullest.

You're Trident from @trident_the_cat! Like Trident, you're incredibly sweet and cute, and people are always trying to nurture and protect you. You've definitely had some challenges in life, but you've never lost your sense of hope and optimism. You like spending time with friends and family members, and you're happy at home and in nature. You like to travel, and you're always observing and taking things in. You're a truly special person, and you are a constant source of inspiration to those who have the privilege of knowing you.

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