Which Cat From Team Mookeet Are You?

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Which Cat From Team Mookeet Are You?
Fritz Patrick Fantastic

You are super sexy but also incredibly sensitive. You have a great sense of style, and you like to keep active. You love food, but you make sure you eat plenty of healthy stuff. It's impossible not to love you, so no one even tries to resist your charms!
Oreo Nabisco Yum

You are super talkative, so everyone goes to you when they need to chat. Your style is pretty simple, but you like to experiment with flamboyant accessories. You love giving and receiving hugs, and you think it's important to let people know how much you love them. You also enjoy nature, and you have a real appreciation for animals.
Roxy Ann Rambunctious

You have a great sense of humor, and people know they can always turn to you when they need a laugh. You love food, and you're a great cook! You definitely prefer staying home to going out, but you still make sure to get plenty of exercise. You take care of yourself, but you keep your grooming to minimum. Pretty much everyone loves you, although some people might not always get your jokes.
Sarah Val Serendipitous

You are incredibly optimistic, and you don't let any challenges stand in your way! If you have something you want to accomplish, you don't give up until you reach your goal. You have an infectious smile, and you inspire everyone you meet with your wonderful attitude. You are full of energy, and people often wonder if you ever stop! Your style is pretty simple because your happiness is your best accessory.
Michael J. Meow

You are very social, and you are happy to spend an entire afternoon just catching up with friends. You love food, and you're always up to try a new restaurant or the latest culinary trend. While you like to eat, you also keep active, and you love exploring the great outdoors. Your favorite part of the day is cuddling up with your significant other to show them how much you love them.
King Moot Tut

You have a unique sense of humor, and you love playing pranks on people. However, you also like to surprise your love ones with gifts, so no one stays upset for long by your jokes You love to eat, but you prefer comfort food to gourmet cooking. You're very loving and sweet, but you can be a bit anxious. In order to ease your nerves, you like to exercise and snuggle with your significant other.
Georgia Mae Glamorous

You have an inner confidence that people are drawn to, and you are very happy and comfortable in your own skin. People often look to you for leadership, and you are happy to help them when you can. You have a quiet elegance, and people often try to replicate your sophisticated style. You love being near the water, and you are an excellent swimmer. You're able to get along with pretty much anyone, including people others usually find difficult.
Calli Coco Expialidocious

You don't have a ton of friends, but you're very loving and loyal to the people you allow into your inner circle. You have no trouble standing up for yourself when you think someone is being disrespectful, but this can cause some trouble in your relationships. Underneath your hard shell, you're actually really sensitive and sweet, and you put up a tough exterior because you're afraid of being hurt. You love music and dancing, and you have a quirky and fun sense of style.
Phoebe Erin Fabulous

You are the life of the party, and you are an absolute joy to be around! You are are incredibly sweet and loving, although you can be a bit absent-minded and forgetful. You are extremely talkative, but you're also a great listener. You are naturally curious, and you're genuinely interested in hearing what other people have to say. Your style is pretty simple, although you do love a great accessory like a nice watch or a beautiful necklace.
Samantha Jo Scrumptious

You are incredibly strong and independent, and your friends admire your self-reliance. While you're great at taking care of yourself, you're definitely not a loner. You have a few really close friends who share your love of life. You like a good meal, and you prefer traditional dishes to the latest food trends. You have a unique sense of style, and you like to try new looks, even if you don't always pull them off.
Jacque Duchess of Fluffington

You are incredibly easy-going, and you don't take life too seriously. You definitely like to be pampered, and people oblige because you have a regal air about you. You're a bit of a neat freak, which means your house is usually spotless. You love food, although you're the sort of person who prefers lots of snacks to actual meals. People are drawn to your sweet and calming personality, so you're very popular.

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